When should I grade: How do I know

When Should I grade

We, as instructors, are constantly asked by our students, “do you think I am ready to test?” Our standard reply is usually, “do you think you are ready?”

So, “when should you Grade?” The best answer is… “WHEN YOU ARE READY”… Ahhhh!!! but how do YOU know when this is?
Well, there is the minimum time between grading’s; 2 months… but this minimum is just that…a minimum!!!
Each level has a pattern that you MUST know and then techniques specific to that level. You MUST know them…and know well…KNOWING WELL being the requirement!!!

After Moving into the new Rank

When you move into a new belt level, you should be extremely tasked on learning the pattern and then the techniques required. You should learn them as fast as possible. Then… practice, practice and practice, under your instructors’ guidance, to be the best you can be.

When Ready

Then, when you think that you are ready to grade,  approach your instructor and respectfully inform them that you are thinking of grading! Then,  politely ASK them if they think you are ready to grade. They may have several replies to you question, but we usually ask: “ Do you think you are ready”? This will quickly be followed with: “ let me see your pattern and techniques”! We will now start making suggestions on how to improve what has been practiced.

At this point your instructor will have had very good look and know whether you are ready or not. If your instructor informs you that you should maybe wait until the following grading, they are really saying that you need more time practicing and you should wait! To go to this grading would be extremely disrespectful to your instructor and well outside the spirit of Taekwondo-Chungdokwan training. You may be good enough to pass, with a low mark…which is still a pass…but your instructor has seen the capabilities that you posses and would like to see you do better than ‘just passing’.

Next post…

In our next newsletter I will go into the LONG HAUL; how much time you should be spending training at each level to be ready when you test for your BLACK BELT…

Until next time…keep PERFECT practicing!

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